Following World War II, the Free Territory of Trieste, a sovereign state located on the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Yugoslavia, was divided into two zones of occupation:  Zone A was administered by the US and Britain, and Zone B by Yugoslavia.  Trieste United States Troops (TRUST) and British Element Trieste Forces (BETFOR) made up the Allied contingent, serving from 1947 to 1954.  TRUST forces withdrew in 1954 when a treaty gave Zone A to Italy and Zone B to Yugoslavia.  The TRUST forces were primarily made up of elements from the 88th Infantry Division.

Patches and insignia of the TRUST forces.  The patch at left is from a veteran of the 281st MP and is ringed with MP cap piping.  The collar disc and DI are to the 351st Infantry.  At right is a theater-made example of the patch and TRUST tab.

Helmet and M43 field jacket of a veteran who served in the 281st Military Police Service Company occupation of Trieste, Italy.  The TRUST mission, stationed there from 1947-1954, occupied the city and kept peace between the Italians and Yugoslavians vying for control. The full kit includes Sam Brown belt, white pistol lanyard, MP armband, and white gloves.

Helmet liner of a Texasveteran of the 351st Infantry, which served as part of the TRUST forces in Trieste until 1955.

Patches of British Element Trieste Force (BETFOR):  XIII Corps (left) and 24th Guards (right)

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