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The post-WWII years saw US troops stationed around the world with the goal of transitioning war-torn nations to peaceful administrations and halting the spread of communist influence.  From Germany to Japan, large numbers of US service women and men served--and continue to serve--all over the globe.

Map of occupation zones in Germany and Austria, c. 1945

Various post-WWII US commands around the world.  Top row: the US Constabulary, which patrolled US sectors in Germany and Austria; at center is the US Forces in Austria patch with tab for service in Vienna; at right is the TRUST force in the free city of Trieste, Italy.  Middle row:  Allied Control Commission Yugoslavia, Ryukyu (Okinawa) Command (1950-65), Far East Command (1945-52), and Japan Logistical Command.  Bottom Row:  Korean Military Assistance (1947-75), Military Assistance Advisory Group to Formosa (Taiwan) (1951-mid 1950s), European Civil Affairs (1944-57), and US Army Europe (1952-present).

A rare wartime patch:  US Forces European Theater.  Its design was the precursor to the US Army Europe design, with a sword on a blue shield.

The medal for the Army of Occupation.  It was issued in both Army and Navy versions and had bars awarded for "Germany" and "Japan."  Soldiers serving 90 days in occupation duties qualified for this medal.

Coffee and creamer cups from Occupation Zones.  The coffee mug is from the US Forces in Austria and the creamer cup is from the 10th Constabulary Squadron in Germany.

Handbook to educate 3rd Army soldiers on their duties

When the 3rd Army completed its occupation duties in 1947 they rotated back to the states and published this book on their 1945-7 service. The 3rd Army was also a major component of the post-WWI army of occupation. 

Insignia of the European Civil Affairs units, which oversaw postwar administration and development in Europe.

Allied currency, printed for use in Occupation Zones instead of local money.  Notes above are for issue in France, Germany, and Japan.

Insignia of the 6850 Internal Security Detachment, which provided security for the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

Europe was initially divided into Military Posts in the Occupation period.  This patch tab of the 1st Military District (Bavaria) was worn above the ETO patch in the very early postwar era.  Shown here is also a scarce DI for this command.

ETO patches with tabs for different areas of service: ADSEC (Advanced Sector, Communications Zone; and Bremen Enclave, which was a port of embarkation.

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