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Artifacts are windows into the past.

This site contains a small collection of original artifacts from past conflicts.  These are photographed and presented to show what the women and men of these time periods wore, utilized, or encountered during their wartime service.  This online collection promotes artifact-driven education about conflicts with the goal of understanding, learning from, and honoring the experiences and sacrifices of past generations.  

History and understanding can be shared in many ways, but preserving and documenting original artifacts teaches an authentic, physical history by illuminating the meaning, significance, and relationships behind the items left behind from generations past.

Some of the artifacts presented here represent the "enemy" forces from WWI and WWII.  These items do not glorify the causes that veterans fought to contain and eradicate; rather, they are presented as tribute to the US veterans who brought these items home and teach current and future generations the history of a world shaped by these forces from the past. 

Please enjoy the collection presented in this site.  All items are from the author's collection and presented with informational captions and for educational purposes.  Please do not reproduce or manipulate without permission.

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